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Vessel sinks » Round Vessel Sinks

Delmar - Blue Colonial Countertop Sink from Mexico

Vessel sinks » Round Vessel Sinks
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Mexican bathroom sink

Round bowl : 40 cm (16")

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Product details
The presented wash bowl is a unique product in our shop. Of all the basins in our shop, the basin of the 'rounded bowl' type presents itself as the most impressive and the one which provokes most emotions. The bowl features hand painted ornaments both on its inner and outer surface, whereas the flattened and rounded shape of  the bowl makes all the ornaments visible from the very first sight.

The basin is hand decorated, which makes each and every of them a unique piece of craftsmanship of a Mexican artisan. The dimensions of the bowl are shown in the photograph in the photo gallery of the product. The bowl is deep enough for the running water not to splash outside the wash basin. Because the bowls are handmade, which makes each of them unique, the basin delivered to you may slightly differ from the bowl presented in the photograph. In the photographs of the bowl you may see the reflections of light.
This exclusive bowl is made in the traditional Talavera technique and it comes from a tiny place of Dolores Hidalgo in central Mexico. The Talavera technique is famous for the richness of design and patterns as well as for the intensity of colours which are so characteristic for Mexico bathed in sunlight. The bowl will definitely help you to obtain a more personal and individualistic style of you bathroom.  It is worth mentioning that this type of a wash basin was custom-made exclusively for us and you will not find similar bowls in any shop.

If you've got any questions please contact us. We'll be happy to help you. You may also take a look at our FAQ section : Talavera sinks - Frequently asked questions.
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