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Tarracotta » Old terracotta » Wall Bricks

Terracotta - sand wall tiles

Tarracotta » Old terracotta » Wall Bricks
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Colours: Sand
Dimensions 24cm x 6cm
58 pieces per square meter
Estimated age, about 120 years

Passed the endurance test

Guaranteed uniqueness of each plate with a brick (hue and texture)

Product details
One hundred year old wall tile is the perfect complement to the rooms in country style, rustic or retro. No other material can not cause such a strong effect, as more than 120-year-old brick wall. Brick wall in the architecture used for years and can meet them in many interiors, but few can boast the original, old bricks with a rich 100-year history.

A wall of bricks is always impressive - you can put it on all the walls of the room or on one of them - it all depends on the effect that you want to achieve. Ideally suited as a finish front of fireplaces and furnaces. Ideal for creating unique items, shapes, plates - plates with bricks plastered with bright contrasting attract attention and create a unique atmosphere.

With non-uniform structure which guarantees the originality, wall tile perfect for bathroom and kitchen. You can use them to cover kitchen islands, fireplaces, bay area to fill them, arrange them staggered or create one geometrical figures.

Original, more than 100 years and hand-molded brick tiles will give your interior a charm impossible to achieve using other materials. Brick tiles with irregular structure and the traditional red or peach-colored sand check both inside water or rustic minimalist style. Are combined it with the raw wood - especially in the kitchen and hall. Before today praised the quality and uniqueness, brick tiles were popular material finishing the castle chambers, rooms of noble mansions and cottages.

Wall Tiles made from 100 year old brick cause that your interior will become a unique character.

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