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Kupfer spülbecken – handgearbeitete kupferspülbecken

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Wir bieten mexikanische kupfer spülbecken an. Die kupferspülbecken  wurden original in Mexiko hergestellt und sind eine wirkliche Bereicherung für Badezimmer und Küche. Unsere Produkte in Colours of Mexico Online-Shop: kupfer waschbecken und spülbecken, kupfer badewannen. Stellen Sie eine Frage. Wir werden Fragen so schnell wie möglich beantworten, Sie erhalten dann von uns eine e-Mail mit der Antwort. Kupfer, natürlich ist antibakteriell. (more…)

Mexican Bathroom Vessel Sinks

Friday, August 28th, 2009

Colours of Mexico, one of the largest European vendors of Mexican sinks, copper sinks and tiles , provides high quality bathroom vessel sinks of highest quality and unique designs. In our store you’ll find ceramic and copper sinks, but in the future we?ll add travertine and glass vessel sinks.

Vessel Sinks Shapes
Our ceramic and copper vessel sinks are constructed from only the finest high-quality materials. We carry different kinds of ceramic vessel sinks and currently in our store you can find: Round vessel sinks, Oval vessel sinks and Tall vessel sinks.

Round Vessel SinkOval Vessel SinkTall Vessel Sink

In our range of hammered copper vessel sinks you can find sinks of different bowl shape. All of them are either silver plated or gold plated (yes! Pure gold:). We’ve got only one small vessel sink, but it’s exceptionally beautiful.

Copper Vessel SinkSilver plated copper vessel sinkMexican copper vessel sink - gold plated

Colours and designs
That?s the best part! Mexican vessel sinks are well known for their richness of colour and original designs. In our store you find: white and blue vessel sinks, red, yellow, turquoise and mixed colours sinks. In the designs you?ll find plenty of Hispanic, Italian, Arabic and even Chinese design influences.

Mexican vessel sinks are perfect not only for Mexican bathrooms but also for bathrooms of different style design. Thanks to the fact that our vessel bowl?s designs are inspired by various style designs and regional cultures, will be perfect for almost any bathroom. Mexican vessel sinks will be perfect not only for country style or retro style bathrooms but also for contemporary bathrooms. Well, Mexican and Spanish bathrooms are pretty obvious.


Mexican Copper Sinks – frequently asked questions

Monday, August 24th, 2009

Most frequently asked questions about copper sinks.

1. How to clean copper wash basins?
It is enough to use clean water with a delicate detergent for everyday cleaning of copper. However, if in the region where you live there is hard water, it is worth wiping the bowl with a smooth dry cloth from time to time. With a view to additional protection, you may wipe the bowl with furniture polish. Polishing the surface of the bowl regularly with furniture polish will help you to keep the sheen of the bowl and will allow for faster flow of water out of it (it helps to keep it free of limescale. You will find more information on how to clean copper: here.

2. What should I beware of?
While cleaning and using a copper sink, you should be cautious with any caustic substances,  any substances containing chlorine or any substances which might damage the surface mechanically  (e.g. scouring powders). If the colours on the surface of your bowl fade a little or change the tone, don’t worry, because with time the faded places will take on a natural patina. You should be cautious  with substances which might change the colour of the natural patina on copper, like: orange or lemon juice, ketchup, toothpaste, vinegar. Also, we do not recommend using sand or a scourer for  cleaning copper sinks.

3. Is copper safe for your health?
Copper is totally safe for your health. Additionally, copper has got natural antibacterial properties and is ‘healthier’ than most other metals used for producing wash basins. Scientific research has proved that bacteria may live on metal surfaces for many days, whereas on copper surfaces they can survive only a few hours.

4. What can be done with a patina?
Copper tarnishing is a natural process of copper oxidation and it is not harmful for health. Although patina adds originality to a basin, after some time there may be too much of it. We are presenting a few methods of removing the excess of a patina (or of cleaning bowls not covered with a patina), which are both delicate and safe for the surface of your bowl. You may clean the surfaces with the use of special copper polishes  or with one of specifics prepared at home. Try one of the following  methods:
a) Copper ware may be cleaned with ammonia or vinegar mixed with salt (a handful of salt boiled with a glass of vinegar). Then rinse the surface with clean water, dry it and polish.
b) At the chemist’s you may buy oxalic (it has a form of white crystal grains) for ca 3 zlotys. Pour oxalic into an adequate amount of water so that it becomes a saturated solution. With the use of a cloth, apply the solution onto the cleaned copper surface and after a few minutes rinse it with water.  You may repeat the process until you get the required effect. The oxalic solution is not caustic and it reacts well with copper oxides. At the same time, it does  not react with the metal itself.
c) Grate a peeled potato or mix it finely. Put the mush onto the surface which you wish to clean and wait until it dries. After drying, remove the mush and wipe the surface with alcohol.

5. How are copper bowls manufactured?
More detailed information: Process of manufacturing hand-hammered sinks made – video.

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Mexican Copper sinks – slideshow

Monday, July 6th, 2009

Please take a quick look at our copper sinks, vessel sinks and farm style copper sinks .


Process of manufacturing mexican copper sinks – videos

Friday, May 1st, 2009

We present two short videos showing how the process of copper sink production1. Initial copper plate hammering


2. Hammering and final finish