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Mexican Bathroom Vessel Sinks

Friday, August 28th, 2009

Colours of Mexico, one of the largest European vendors of Mexican sinks, copper sinks and tiles , provides high quality bathroom vessel sinks of highest quality and unique designs. In our store you’ll find ceramic and copper sinks, but in the future we?ll add travertine and glass vessel sinks.

Vessel Sinks Shapes
Our ceramic and copper vessel sinks are constructed from only the finest high-quality materials. We carry different kinds of ceramic vessel sinks and currently in our store you can find: Round vessel sinks, Oval vessel sinks and Tall vessel sinks.

Round Vessel SinkOval Vessel SinkTall Vessel Sink

In our range of hammered copper vessel sinks you can find sinks of different bowl shape. All of them are either silver plated or gold plated (yes! Pure gold:). We’ve got only one small vessel sink, but it’s exceptionally beautiful.

Copper Vessel SinkSilver plated copper vessel sinkMexican copper vessel sink - gold plated

Colours and designs
That?s the best part! Mexican vessel sinks are well known for their richness of colour and original designs. In our store you find: white and blue vessel sinks, red, yellow, turquoise and mixed colours sinks. In the designs you?ll find plenty of Hispanic, Italian, Arabic and even Chinese design influences.

Mexican vessel sinks are perfect not only for Mexican bathrooms but also for bathrooms of different style design. Thanks to the fact that our vessel bowl?s designs are inspired by various style designs and regional cultures, will be perfect for almost any bathroom. Mexican vessel sinks will be perfect not only for country style or retro style bathrooms but also for contemporary bathrooms. Well, Mexican and Spanish bathrooms are pretty obvious.


Mexican Ceramic Sinks – FAQ

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

Mexican Ceramic Sinks

Answers to most frequently asked questions about Mexican Talavera Sinks.

Ceramic sink1. Are the bowls durable?
Yes, the bowls are very durable. Thanks to a centuries-old technique of making the product, high quality materials and a careful process of manufacturing, the basins are exceptionally durable. The quality of the bowls has been certified by a European Certificate of Safety (CE mark). The bowls have undergone laboratory tests for heat resistance, staining, abrasion and scratching. We would also like to inform you that the bowls are made from ceramics and as always with products made from such a material they might get damaged due to improper use.