Copper Vent Hoods

Custom made copper vent hoods.  We’lle make the product according to your specifications. you can specify: style, colour, dimensions. See copper vent hoods in our store (choose your currency to get the price estimate).

Contact us to ask a question or to get the price for your chosen vent hood. We can guarantee you that you’ll get top-quality mexican product for very competitive price. Actually we  think you won’t find better offer. Although our custom made copper products are made in Mexico and it takes time do manufacture it and deliver it to Europe, we’ll do everything to deliver it as soon as possible (usually one month). Most of our vent hoods is very moderately priced, but there are some that are a little bit more expensive. Prices go from 1300 to 3000 euro (most of vent hoods is closer to 1300 euro).

Contact us – We’ll be happy to answer all your questions.