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Tarracotta » Old terracotta » Floor Terracotta

Rustic hexagonal terracotta tiles

Tarracotta » Old terracotta » Floor Terracotta
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Colours: Brick-red
Dimensions 13.5cm x 13,5cm
55 pieces per square meter
The uniform texture and color

The carefully constructed

Thickness of tiles: 14 ~ 16 mm

Safely finished - no sharp edges

Passed the endurance test

Estimated age, about 100 years

Product details

Floor tile made from 100 year old brick cause that your interior will become a unique character. It is well known that the floor is the heart of every home. She was in large part determines the nature of the room and its atmosphere. The floor is this element of interior decoration, which is attributed to a number of tasks. First of all, it should be practical and easy to use. Another advantage is the uniqueness and style. Century-long rattle floor meets all these requirements.

Our tiles are made of more than 120 years old bricks, which thanks to the unique centuries-old method of production remain stable for many years. Ideas, whose authors are our ancestors, let us now enjoy the unique century-old terracotta in our homes. Owes its originality heterogeneous structure, which differs from other century-old terracotta floor tiles. Proven to be a monumental castles, noble mansions, as well as the old village houses. Now for your living room, kitchen, balcony or bathroom!

Our tile is a perfect idea to the floor in the bathroom. With heat storage is ideal for interiors with underfloor heating. In addition, a stylish finish stoves and fireplaces. Century old tile is the perfect complement to the interior of rustic and country style. In addition, blends perfectly with the raw wood.

One hundred year old tiles to the kitchen or bathroom is the perfect idea. Fits well as a finish balcony or a fireplace or furnace components. Lets in an unconventional way to finish facade elements and to give elegance and style in the lounge.

Product on order, waiting time about 30 days.

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