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1. How to buy - step by step guide.
2. Payment methods.
3. Frequently Asked Questions

How to buy – step by step guide

1. Select a product

If you have made a decision to place an order, go to the page of a chosen product and press the 'Add to your basket' button. After clicking this button you will be automatically transfered to the page of its contents. On the site of the basket you may complete the process of purchasing a given product, or you may continue doing shopping and the contents of the basket will be remembered. At any time you may have a look at the contents of your basket by moving the cursor onto the icon of the basket or switching to your basket by clicking the icon 'Your basket' at the top of the page.

2. Check your shopping list
On the 'Your basket' page you will see a list of products placed in your basket together with the information on the number of the ordered items and their price. You may remove any unwanted item by clicking a red cross next to it. If you want to change the number of the ordered items, update the number in the box 'Number' and then click 'Update the basket'. In order to make the process of purchasing faster in the future, you may create an account on our website. On the page do the following activities:
- choose the form of delivery (courier or self collection) as well as the form of payment. Payments in our service are handled by reliable, simple in use and first and foremost secure systems: and płatnoś;
- Give the billing data (the fields marked with a bold text are required);
- Enter the Captcha (enter the digits given in the picture to check if we are really dealing with a customer) and mark the field 'Approval of the privacy policy';
- After the verification, in the field below, you may add any extra comment;
- Press 'Proceed to confirmation';
- After checking that all the details concerning the product and the billing data are correct, click 'Confirm'

3. How to pay
In our shop you have three options of payment to choose from:
1.Bank transfer - after choosing this option you will be directed to the page of confirming the acceptance of your order. On the page you will find the number of a bank account where you must transfer the payment. Important: as the title of the transfer give the number of the order.
2. – the payment is handled by the service.
After choosing this option, confirm the details of your order.
Proceed to service. The details concerning the payment will be automatically transfered to
Choose the form of payment in service. Available forms of payment:
by credit card (VISA, MasterCard, EuroCard, JCB, Diners Club), online bank transfers, My Accounts system ( possibility of payment in a supermarket), Pay in Żabka, Polish Mail.
Complete all the necessary data and confirm the payment. In case of paying by credit card, give the details of the owner of the card, the number of the card and the CVV2 number ((3 digits just after the number of the card on its reverse side). In case of a bank transfer, choose the appropriate bank, log on to your online bank account, enter the title of the transfer and confirm the amount of the transfer.
3. – payment handled by the system
After choosing this option, confirm the details of your order
On our website, choose the form of payment. Available forms of payment: credit card, bank transfer.
After accepting the form of payment, you will be directed to service, where you will find detailed information concerning further proceeding.
Complete the required data and confirm the payment.
4. Paypal - Please send the money to the provided email address ( belongs to Ewiza, Jan Toczyski company, that operates this website).

That is all. Everything is ready! Soon you will receive your ordered product.

2. Payment Methods

PayPal is the faster, safer way to pay and get paid online. The service allows members to send money without sharing financial information, with the flexibility to pay using their account balances, bank accounts or credit cards.

Moneybookers enables any business or consumer with an email address to securely and cost-effectively send and receive payments online in real time!

With our payment systems we accept following payments
Payment Methods